Daylight Saving Time
(last worked on: November 4th, 2018)

* Sheila Danzig has been doing a great job of nailing this issue for many years, plus there've been a number of recent DST laments --such as:



Never-the-less, it behooves me to bear witness --to the stupidity, and to the gratuitous imposition, of being made to change our myriad clocks twice a year --and to the political inertness of our society in putting up with it for decades! (100 years, counting from DST's first being foisted upon us during World War One.) If we can't even get rid of a simple, burdensome, non-sensical practice like DST, then what chance does our ship-of-state have of steering a straight course through more complex and emotionally loaded issues? This raises serious issues about democracy.

* I DO BELIEVE that campaigns for high office could garner a deciding percentage of votes on this issue alone (and our two leading candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential election needed all the help they could get).

November 4th, 2018 update: We went off DST last night and I see that ending DST is on the ballot or on candidate platforms in two states this mid-term election cycle. There've been citations of recent studies showing increased incidents of heart attack (a whopping 5% among working age people), workplace injuries, car wrecks --+8% (while trying to change that inscrutable dash clock?), and economic losses from the time demands of updating all the clocks in our lives. In 2015, Washington State Rep Elizabeth Scott told of an apple farmer constituent who must spend half a day (twice a year) changing the clocks in all his equipment.

After standing on a wobbly plastic chair to rehang a clock last night, I wondered how many old people fall and injure themselves whilst tending to our DST chores --but I was unable to Google anything up on that.

This page is mostly a bit of sympathy and hand-holding --for others who feel the same way. My many letters-to-the-editor over many years have not made a dent and I don't know how to fix the situation --other than by trying to elect people who listen and who think --like Bernie Sanders. (Yes: I sent him a $27 check.)