Daylight Saving Time
(last worked on: October 2nd, 2018)

* Sheila Danzig has been doing a great job of nailing this issue for many years, plus there've been a number of recent DST laments --such as:



Never-the-less, it behooves me to bear witness --to the stupidity, and to the gratuitous imposition, of being made to change our myriad clocks twice a year --and to the political inertness of our society in putting up with it for decades! If we can't even get rid of a simple, burdensome, non-sensical practice like DST, then what chance does our ship-of-state have of steering a straight course through more complex and emotionally loaded issues?

* I DO BELIEVE that campaigns for high office could garner a deciding percentage of votes on this issue alone (and our two leading candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential election needed all the help they could get).

This page is mostly a bit of sympathy and hand-holding --for others who feel the same way. My many letters-to-the-editor over many years have not made a dent and I don't know how to fix the situation --other than by electing people who listen and who think --like Bernie Sanders. (Yes: I sent him a $27 check.)