(last worked on: March 15th, 2018)

* The prevailing winds push moist ocean air up our leeward hills, producing a bountiful variety of beautiful to magnificent summer clouds.

At night they so often cover the sky that I wonder if I should take up "cloudology" --instead of vainly pursuing amateur astronomy. But I don't want to define and classify them, so much as to celebrate clouds --a bit like how our dog and cats bask in the Sun.

Clouds irresistibly stir the imagination and set us to wonderment, for which just a little bit of knowledge about relative humidity, temperature versus altitude, droplet nucleation and such give us thinking "tools" as to what's going on --meteorologically. I'll not trouble you with that, but here's a good Wikipedia link.

* Clouds are the most prominent, dramatic, awesome, scene dominating components of our lives, so why is it that I've not heard of any cloud based religions --or even major systems of superstitions. Instead, folks have worshiped or tried to divine the portents of the Sun or the Moon, Tarot cards, tea leaves, comets, iron meteorites, volcanism, planets and stars.

Maybe I'm just ignorant of such things as "cloud cults" --so I Googled a bit.

Despite that it was published 24 years ago, when I Googled on "clouds + religion", Stewart Guthrie's Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion, was still using up all the oxygen at the end of the 3rd page of retrieved items. Later, again: getting about the same results after Googling through 5 pages of search returns.

That title is an analogy, about how we anthropomorphisize and attribute agency --or at least animal life (animalism) to things we encounter and contend with.

I'd be surprised if Guthrie found any religious followings based on the manifestations of clouds. I'm more surprised not to have come across or to have easily Googled up even a cult of cloud interpreters --if not worshipers. Why?


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