House in Western Oregon for Sale
An affordable ($135,000), little (845 square foot) cottage near the coast
Let's have a look at it!
revised: June 19th, 2017

Here we are --tucked in among the Coos River's Bay, Empire Lakes and the City of Coos Bay's last living dune.

--Today's weather in North Bend and Coos Bay--

Pat, the owner, told me this address is an easy bicycle trip to the Community College, Wallmart, BiMart, Pizza and a convenience store (yet: not too close). It's more like walking distance to the Empire Lakes and fishing.

So let's drive down winding, park-like Lake Shore Drive, turn right on Crocker Street, and see what we can see.

My: this area is almost like a peninsula, and we're catching glimpses of the great dune to our right. There's a spot circled on our map for 1163 Crocker.

(*Click* these maps & photos to enlarge them.)
Hey: is that the place up ahead, the one with a huge tree? (Looks like a good place to hang a swing.)

(You can enlarge these photos by clicking on them.)

Let's look around the side (there's plenty of parking :-)

Oh man: it's wide open spaces here --and there's the dune!

So: what does it look like around back?

Volley ball, baseball, tennis, croquet, Barb-B-Que --anyone?

I just Luv that huge yard--

--and ain't the weather here great? It seems like the hotter it gets inland, the nicer the breeze coming in off the ocean.

Let's call 541-510-1276 and make an appointment with "Pat".
---We're in luck! --He's there now, so let's go in!

*Knock* - *Knock*

"Welcome to 1163 Crocker!" --sez Pat. "I'll show you around."

Looking in from the front door --

--and turning left, we behold the livingroom area.

Walk forward and turn right to see the dining area (cat's too),
kitchen, utility room (behind the wall, left), bathroom and
shower (behind the wall, right).

Yet to be seen here are the master and guest bedrooms (with closets),
showing us that 100% of this house has high fire ceramic tile flooring: ideal for keeping alergenic pollens and dust at bay.
So you might want to pay Pat a visit and see the rest of this cottage.